What are the dates?  May 22nd – May 25th, 2020
Is it co-ed?  Yes! We know strong, woke men *love* powerful women. So the Power Chick Mafia reaches out a hand of friendship and connection to some of the best men on the planet with this annual event.
What if I can't make it on Friday?  No worries. 80% of folks come in early for the Enchilada Slumber Party & stay until Monday morning. But arriving on Friday or taking off late Sunday is all good.
What's the deal with the Enchilada Slumber Party?  For those who can get away on Thursday. We take over Andrea’s house bust out the sleeping bags & air mattresses indoors & outside on the beautiful deck. And laugh & make enchiladas together & have a few cocktails (or not: player’s choice). And yes…the famous Mexican popcorn will be in play.
Where do I fly in to?  Phoenix
Do I need to rent a car? Totally up to you. You can shuttle in, BUT it is really nice to have your own car. Sedona’s not really a walking town. Sedona does offer Lyft & Uber, so you can shuttle in and use car services. **There will be a spreadsheet where you can coordinate w attendees to share a rental car: for you newbies, this is what most people do.**
Is lodging covered in the ticket price?  No. Most people will get AirBNBs. There will be a connecting spreadsheet for attendees to coordinate lodging.
Do you have hotel recommendations?  Yes! AirBNB is honestly the best, but otherwise we recommend Arabella Resort or L'Auberge de Sedona Hotel (depending on your desired price range). Both are close, if you’re getting an AirBNB one near Uptown Sedona is best.
Who is coming?  Entrepreneurs, VCs, entertainers & creatives. Our favorite people from the Summit, EO & YPO communities. The tribe we’ve collected along the way. And yes, your new best friends.
Can I invite my business partner, best business friend, etc?  If they're super badass & love to have fun: YES.
What is the cancellation policy?  Tickets are fully refundable until December 31st, 2019. 75% refundable until March 25th. And *not* refundable after that. All of the planning will be done, swag ordered & costs out by then. They do function identical to a Burning Man ticket after March 25th, 2020. And can be sold or transferred to another qualified attendee. This event will still be highly personalized so please let us know right away if you're transferring your ticket.
What should I bring?  For the most part we’ve got you covered ;) BUT you are going to want the following:
  1. Good shoes and clothes to hike & work out in, for the ropes course you *must* have closed toe shoes.
  2. Dress is casual for the weekend, we do have “Women Dress for Dinner” super fun hour each night, mostly an excuse for our Power Chick Mafia women to have a glass of wine and catch up. So ladies think summer maxi dresses & sandals.
  3. Bathing suit. Hot tubs at the AirBNBs + Oak Creek.
  4. I mean...there is an open-mike talent show. So if you need any props for that: bring ‘em.
  5. If anyone is actually reading this far down the FAQ page Rico thinks you should bring him dog treats.
  6. Other than that we've got you covered. We'll have all kinds of sunscreen and drinks and goodies ready for you.
Anything else I should know?  Honestly, almost everyone on the invite list has been to at least one Magic event before, so you already fam & you know what you're in for.
Questions?  Shoot any questions to
Ticket price:  Early Bird = $950 (unless you got Early Bird). Includes activities, workshops, meals & plenty of fun surprises. (Early Bird expires 3/15/2020, after that Full Ticket Price = $1,250). Does not include travel or lodging.