event info
Where:  All of the best spots in Sedona, AZ
When:  May 22th – 25th, 2020. *Come in a day early, (Thurs May 21st), for our Annual Enchilada Slumber Party before the festivities begin.*
Who:  75 of the top tier entrepreneurs, VCs, entertainers & creatives (our favorite peeps from Summit, EO & YPO). And...your new best friends.
What:  The most life changing, and connected business weekend in existence. Every fun game, workshop, hike, activity, meal is designed for you to get to deeply know each of the other attendees in a real, below the surface way, one-on-one way. Be connected to the most powerful women (and men…*yes* this event IS co-ed). Lifelong friendships flourish here.
But What?:  Okay, yes. Think: Icebreaker Games + Vulnerability Workshop + Mountain Biking + Meditation Adventure at the Sedona Stupa + Scavenger Hunt around Sedona (by the creator of Street Wars…that’s gonna be dope) + so many fun surprises + hiking till your legs shake & laughing your face off.
Bonus:  Insanely amazing gourmet meals by Master Chef Haru Kishi (Executive Chef at Summit Eden) + night time soirees (fireside chats, talent shows, so many super fun surprises, music TBD…but there is magic in the works).
Why:  Because nothing is better than deeply connecting with other members of our community who are as passionate about their businesses, as present in their lives, and play as hard as you do.
Dive deep:  The entire Power Chick Mafia event is structured for the attendees to get to become deeply connected with each other. Games like Hijacking, the Vulnerability Workshop & the Rock Swap will build bonds with friends that last a lifetime.
Space is limited:  Only 75 slots are available, grab your ticket today to secure your spot, once it’s sold out the event will be closed.
Homecoming:  The title of this year’s Power Chick Mafia: Sedona Magic event is Homecoming. In the last few years, we’ve created a tight knit Magic fam. This event has been clarifying and life changing for all previous attendees, and created bonds of friendship, business partnership, and even romance among attendees. So for 2020...Homecoming it is: because our attendees *have* become our chosen family. Can’t wait to see you all back home in the Red Rocks.
Ticket price:  Early Bird = $950
Includes activities, workshops, meals & plenty of fun surprises.
(Early Bird expires 3/15/2020, after that Full Ticket Price = $1,250)

Ticket price does *not* include lodging. There will be listings of attendees & a private spreadsheet for the group to coordinate with your new besties if you wanna share AirBNBs, as well as hotel recs.